3D Brain

3D Brain Training fosters the brainpower of children by helping them develop comprehensive 3D thinking that utilizes various abilities of the brain. 3D thinking is superior to 2D thinking which approaches problems in only one-way.

The Effects of 3D Brain Training

3D Brain is organically connected to develop the 8 essential forms of intelligence in children, including modeling, reasoning, sensory development, curiosity, creativity, imagination, mathematical thinking and scientific thinking.


Develops modeling skills through creating figures with magnetic blocks by hand.


Effectively stimulates curiosity by providing satisfaction through creative play. Children can make fun models of their choosing from plants and animals to robots and cars.


Enhances intelligence for 3D configurations while making 3D shapes and develops the creativity to form endless ideas.


Improves reasoning skills through the process of assembling planar figures into 3D shapes.

Scientific Thinking

Improves scientific thinking while creating a variety of models using the principles of magnetism.


Fosters the infinite imagination of children while they make geometric shapes as well as unique models by connecting and assembling various blocks.

Mathematical Thinking

Develops mathematical thinking while combining and connecting blocks to understand and utilize concepts of space and principles of parts and whole 2D shapes and patterns.

Sensory Development

Improves fine motor skills through touching and combining blocks by hand. Stimulates brain development through active hand movements. Develops the senses through a variety of colors and sounds.