How Magformers work?

Magformers magnetic construction sets encourage 3D Brain Training through fun and education. Every set contains various pieces in simple geometric shapes like triangles, squares and rhomboids which connect easily using the power of the built-in, safe, neodymium magnets.

The free-spinning magnets are safely encapsulated within all the edge surfaces of each toughened ABS plastic Magformers piece. And because they can rotate in any direction, they always connect and never repel when two Magformers are brought together.

Starting from simple 'flat' 2D plain shapes called ‘nets’, children can transform their builds easily into hundreds of 3D geometric structures. With high quality, safe, durable construction and an intelligent design, the construction possibilities are endless.

Unlike some other construction toys, which limit children to building only specified models, Magformers pieces can be used freely and with imagination, allowing children to build any shapes they like – as well as following the building guides contained within each set.

Magformers Standard Line sets contain anything from 6 to 62 pieces and with a mix of squares, triangles and pentagons, children learn about the different properties of shapes while they play and are ideal for both pre-schoolers and those at the Early Fears Foundation Stage.

For older children in Key Stage 1 or 2, Magformers construction toys offers a wide range of boxed sets that introduce STEM activities and gears, lighting, motors, and remote controls, for example. Magformers also extends learning through various special Idea Books, puzzle cards and play sheets contained in its packaging.