Magformers | News | Magformers takes part in the Children's Day in Seoul

For four days recently, Magformers participated in the Children's Day Festival held in COEX, the largest undergound shopping mall in Asia.

COEX is a major tourist attraction and hosted the Children's Day Festival, where Magformers played an important part. Our life-size Magformers robots, Mag-py and Mag-sy, greeted the guests of the festiva.

Children were invited to play with our magnetic construction sets in specially-created playzones. Our professional demonstration team performed on one of the official festival stages three times a day. The bravest guests had a chance to join the team on stage and take part in the show.

Magformers is a well-known and popular brand in Korea, and always draws plenty of attention and visitors, especially children and by our estimates, approximately 15,000 guests visited the Magformers area at the festival.

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