Magformers, the world’s leading magnetic construction toy, will be staging an international ‘Battle Of The Ninjas’ competition at London Toy Fair (Jan24-26 2017) – as experts from the UK and Korea go head-to-head in a timed model-building contest.

UK demonstration manager, Matt 'The Magman' Donald, will take on Korean Magformers model-making guru, Taylor 'King' Kang, in a speedbuilding challenge every day to see who can build a 26-sided rhombicuboctahedron in the quickest time.

It’s a real master-versus-pupil clash, as Taylor coached Matt in all his building skills at his Korean studio when Matt joined Magformers as UK demonstration manager last year. Taylor revealed all his techniques during a week-long induction programme in Seoul and now ‘The Magman’ is attempting to topple his teacher.

Said Matt: “I’ve been training hard and I’ve got an unofficial best time of 13.9 seconds in the bag. I know Taylor’s best is around 14 seconds so this is going to be an epic contest.

“He’s already started some banter over WhatsApp so this is going to be awesome fun.”

The Battle Of The Ninjas is a perfect video opportunity for bloggers and vloggers and takes place on the following days at times at London Toy Fair at Olympia.

Tuesday, January 24th – 4pm, Stand Gallery540

Wednesday, January 25th – 4pm, Stand Gallery540

Tuesday, January 26th – 10.30am, Stand Gallery540

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