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If your children are at home – either through self-isolation or school closure in these extraordinary times – keeping their education going and preventing boredom presents a challenge for parents and carers.

During these challenging days and weeks ahead, you may be introduced to our brand for the first time as you search for high-quality, proven resources to entertain and educate your children. So, we have prepared this short factsheet to tell you more about Magformers and we hope you find it useful.

  • Magformers are high-grade, plastic, geometric shapes. Safely sealed inside every edge is a small but powerful magnet. But because the magnets in every piece rotate, Magformers always connect when two pieces are brough together.
  • This unique Rotating Magnet System (RMS) means children can easily make all manner of shapes in 2D (known as nets) then transform them into 3D structures. This is a cornerstone of maths education on the UK National Curriculum.
  • Around the world, Magformers are used extensively in schools, nurseries, kindergartens and by childminders and home-schoolers to fulfil a wide range of educational needs. South Korean-owned, we are very proud of our global educational heritage.
  • Magformers are a multiple award-winning education toy, authenticated by the association and recommended by Dr Gummer’s Good Toy Guide, and with a strong focus on maths (geometry), creativity, spatial awareness and developing fine motor skills.
  • As well as being great fun to play with, Magformers can be used to set maths challenges, create puzzles and encourage children to think mathematically while they play.
  • All Magformers sets come with guidebooks, which show what 2D and 3D shapes and models can be built and how to build them.
  • A wirebound Magformers Maths Book (?9.99) is available to complement any set bought and brings an additional educational element to home play.
  • Also, free Lesson Plans created by a leading STEM-focused primary school in Cheshire are available as printable downloads when requested by customers and these can also bring structure to any specific educational play at home.
  • Magformers customers can also request access to a range of free simple and easy-to-follow printable A4 worksheets which encourage children to complete maths exercises.
  • Magformers are widely available at good toy shops and retailers including Smyths Toys, John Lewis, Argos, Tesco, Toymaster, Eason, Hamleys, Amazon.
  • Sets are also available directly from Magformers at

    Contact or call 01270 446250 for more information. Or follow us on Twitter @Magformers_GB, Instagram @magformers_uk or Facebook @MagformersUK.

    Thank you – and please stay safe and well.

    From all the team at Magformers UK Ltd.

    March 2020

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