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Launching on April 16 and running through April, May and June 2020, Magformers UK is proud to announce the exciting, fun, Magformers Speed Build Challenge™.

The aim is to encourage fans of our brand to video yourselves building the 26-sided rhombicuboctahedron (aka the ball) in your fastest possible time and post the recordings on social media using our social IDs and hashtags.

Every week, we will monitor all postings and pick a winner who will receive a prize from us of a free set of Magformers.

- The Magformers Speed Build Challenge™ will use the hashtags #speedbuildchallenge and #magformers extensively.

- Sets which can be used to build the ‘ball’ require 18 squares and 8 triangles. From the Magformers 2020 Product Catalogue, these key sets apply:

To keep up to date with the Magformers Speed Build Challenge™ follow our social media channels and please share our posts to encourage participation: We are

  • Instagram: @magformers_uk
  • Facebook: @MagformersUK
  • Twitter: @Magformers_GB
  • YouTube:

Thanks for your continued support during these difficult, challenging times.

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