Magformers | News | Toy steriliser storage box launched by Magformers in the fight against COVID-19

Proven to kill up 99.9% of deadly germs and viruses using powerful ultraviolet light, the DOTHAMS® sterilising storage box has been designed by Magformers’ parent company, Gymworld Inc, a company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and with a 28-year history of working in the play and education markets.

Simply plug it in, load it up with toys or other household items, close the lid…and its UV-C LED light gets to work, helping to fight the threat from coronaviruses and other potentially fatal bugs, including e-coli and salmonella.

The box is available exclusively in the UK from Cheshire-based Magformers UK Ltd, whose managing director, David Kelly, said today: “The Covid-19 pandemic will change our hygiene habits forever. The focus that the virus has made us all have on cleanliness – and the increased awareness it created in germ transmission– make the DOTHAMS steriliser box essential in the home, workplace, nurseries, schools and leisure facilities.

“It is a highly-effective, useful tool in the fight against deadly viruses. Even with vaccines on their way we will be living with Covid-19 for a long time, possibly forever. “The DOTHAMS box provides a permanent and easy way for families to sterilise and store toys and it can also be used on everyday items that are shared between family members, particularly mobile phones, tablets and laptops.”

The DOTHAMS® steriliser box is made from a rigid High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and is initially available in a large 50l size, making it considerably tougher and bigger than other collapsible fabric UV-C boxes.

The use of a premium UV-C lamp made in Korea (a world leader in semiconductors and the home of global electronic giants Samsung and LG) also distinguishes the DOTHAMS® box from inferior competitors.

Added David Kelly: “Quality and safety were paramount in the designof the DOTHAMS steriliser box. It is a clear leader in the category when it comes to build quality, performance and size. And, aesthetically,it also looks great in any home when used as a storage box."

“We know that in the months to come this category will see an influx of cheap, inferior steriliser boxes as demand for them increases. But none will give the peace of mind, or deliver the outstanding functionality and performance, of the DOTHAMS box.”

With safety at the forefront, the box features an automatic shutoff whenever the lid is opened, preventing users from being exposed to the strong UV-C light.

The DOTHAMS® box uses a continuous blast of far UV-C light at the 275nm wavelength to kills viruses, germs and bacteria. In the case of Covid-19, scientific research1 has shown that UV-C damages the genetic make-up of the SARS-Cov-2 virus’s cells, which makes them unable to reproduce and therefore incapable of spreading infection.

UV-C light has been fighting germs for more than a century and is widely used to sterilise surgical and medical equipmentand rooms and drinking water.

With an SRP of GBP169.99 and bulk discount and FoB options available to UK retailers, orders are being taken now by Magformers UK Ltd on, tel 01270 446250.

December 2020

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