Magformers | Education | Testimonials

I love playing with Magformers with my own children – and in the process we have all learned a lot about shapes! Magformers are a wonderful way of making geometrical concepts (even sophisticated ones) accessible and – more importantly – fun.

Dr Richard Elwes

Senior Teaching Fellow, School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

I actively encourage children to play with building toys as I believe they have so many learning benefits (developing fine motor skills, creativity, problem solving, concentration). And it’s fantastic to find a new, novel and interesting building toy in Magformers. What’s also great about Magformers is they don’t take up very much space at all, and they stick together, meaning they don’t take over your entire house & they are portable!

Georgina Durrant

Teacher/SENCO, The Special Educational Needs Resources Blog

Constructive play teaches children spatial awareness and through processes like stacking, arranging and re-arranging, connecting and assembling they develop their mathematical language – using terms like ‘on top’ ‘below’ and ‘above’. Through regular engagement with construction toys, children can solve problems, thinking creatively and logically.

Dr Amanda Gummer

Founder of Fundamentally Children and The Good Toy Guide

You can link in the history of maths, geometry, education…so many different aspects. It’s certainly a very flexible tool which can be used in many different ways.

Dr Maurice OReilly

Dublin City University