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Magformers My First Buggy Car - Pink

ID: 702008
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A wonderful set with solid-colour shapes in blue, yellow, pink and red. Each piece has one colour on one side with white on the other and includes wheels. Set cards give design ideas on buggy builds - however the emphasis is very much on the children using their imagination to build vehicles in their own way.

Magformers My First Buggy Car -Pink

«Magformers My First Buggy Car - Pink» contains 14 pcs:

Square ● Square: 2 pcs.
Super Rectangle ● Super Rectangle: 1 pcs.
Sector ● Sector: 4 pcs.
Arch ● Arch: 2 pcs.
Half of Arch ● Half of Arch: 1 pcs.
Half of Circle ● Half of Circle: 2 pcs.
Wheel ● Wheel: 2 pcs.