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Magformers Heavy Duty Set 75

ID: 707007

This set is Magformers power at its best! Magnetic elements in bright red and orange colours, and hi-tech accessories will let your kid create all kinds of special service vehicles, from a dump truck to a forklift. The set includes R/C control for wheels and several blocks and connectors – the forklift moves, and the dumper box dumps the cargo!

Magformers Heavy Duty Set

«Magformers Heavy Duty Set 75» contains 73 pcs:

Triangle x 4 pcs.Isosceles Triangle x 4 pcs.Square x 18 pcs.
Rectangle x 4 pcs.Super Rectangle x 1 pcs.Mini Rectangle x 6 pcs.
Diamond x 2 pcs.Trapezoid x 2 pcs.Hexagon x 2 pcs.
Sector x 4 pcs.Super Sector x 2 pcs.Super Arch x 3 pcs.
Half of Arch x 2 pcs.Half of Circle x 4 pcs.Boy Square x 1 pcs.
Mirror Piece x 1 pcs.Wheel x 1 pcs.R/C Motor Wheel x 1 pcs.
R/C Remote control x 1 pcs.90° Female Connector x 1 pcs.Auto Sliding Block x 1 pcs.
Backslashing Connector x 1 pcs.Battery Pack x 1 pcs.Blocks x 2 pcs.
Elevator Block x 1 pcs.Engine Block x 1 pcs.Female Auto Connector x 1 pcs.
Square Auto Connector x 1 pcs.