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A set comes with window pieces that have blocked centers to form models with a better 3D effect.

Magformers Window Basic 14

ID: 714001

The Magformers Window Basic 14 Set contains unique Magformers magentic construction pieces with transparent windows, which will come in handy in any construction project, be it a sky-scraper or a spacecraft. With a mix of triangles and squares, it’s a lovely starter set or a great way to add extra pieces to your existing Magformers collection.

Magformers Window Basic Set 14

  • Contains 14 unique Magformers pieces with transparent windows.
  • Check out the fantastic Idea Book - you will be amased by how many different models you can build with just 14 elements.
  • The triangle and square shapes come in classic Magformers colours.
  • Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets are the strongest. Our magnets always connect and never repel.

«Magformers Window Basic 14» contains 14 pcs
Window Basic TriangleWindow Basic Triangle
8 pcs
Window Basic SquareWindow Basic Square
6 pcs