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A set comes with window pieces that have blocked centers to form models with a better 3D effect.

Magformers Window Solid 14

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Magformers Window Solid 14 contains unique solid pieces – 6 squares and 8 triangles. And Magformers fans around the world already know how great they are for creating a floor in a building if combined with an existing set. Check our the Idea Book to see a variety of different models created from solid pieces.

  • Contains 14 solid elements, 8 triangles and 6 squares.
  • Made in bright crayon colours.
  • Fully compatible with other Magformers sets.
  • Develops creativity and imagination.
  • Offers great educational value, fun and creativity.
  • «Magformers Window Solid 14» contains 14 pcs
    Window Solid TriangleWindow Solid Triangle
    8 pcs
    Window Solid SquareWindow Solid Square
    6 pcs