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Magformers Space Traveler Set 35

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Magformers Space Traveler Set is a great combination of fun and learning. The Idea Book tells a story about an alien's journey throughout the Magformers universe (an alien's figure is included) and presents in a fun way information about main polyhedrons, how they are formed and how they transform into one another. If you read the Idea Book till the end, you will discover one of Magformers secrets!

  • Contains 36 elements including a unique accessory – an alien's figure.
  • Combines fun and learning value.
  • Great for children who like space and aliens!
  • Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets are the strongest. Our magnets always connect.
  • Super story-telling and illustrations.
  • «Magformers Space Traveler Set 35» contains 35 pcs
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