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Magformers Crawl Friends Set 55

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For older children getting into STEM, the Magformers Crawl Friends Set is arguably the most unique set in the Magformers family. It contains two walking blocks and a Power Engine, allowing you to create amazing models which imitate walking movement. There’s a wide range of Magformers elements including arches, half-arches and sectors to help you create instantly recongiseable shapes like a puppy or a caterpillar.

  • Contains 55 elements and accessories, including two walking blocks, an RC and a Power block.
  • Power Engine Block rechargeable via USB Cable (Included). Power Remote Control requires 1 x CR2032 3V (Included).
  • Fully compatible with other Magformers elements – don't let anything stop your imagination!
  • Allows to create playable models of walking animals.
  • Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets are the strongest. Our magnets always connect.

  • «Magformers Crawl Friends Set 55» contains 55 pcs:

    Triangle ● Triangle: 4 pcs.
    Isosceles Triangle ● Isosceles Triangle: 2 pcs.
    Square ● Square: 15 pcs.
    Rectangle ● Rectangle: 1 pcs.
    Bar ● Bar: 2 pcs.
    Sector ● Sector: 8 pcs.
    Mini Sector ● Mini Sector: 2 pcs.
    Arch ● Arch: 4 pcs.
    Half of Arch ● Half of Arch: 2 pcs.
    Mini Arch ● Mini Arch: 1 pcs.
    Half of Circle ● Half of Circle: 4 pcs.
    Sphere ● Sphere: 4 pcs.
    Power Generator ● Power Generator: 1 pcs.
    Power Remote Control ● Power Remote Control: 1 pcs.
    90° Female Connector ● 90° Female Connector: 2 pcs.
    Crawl Block ● Crawl Block: 2 pcs.