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Magformers Steam Basic Set 200

Temporarily sold out

Magformers S.T.E.A.M Basic Set comes with magnetic pieces in basic geometric shapes and various accessories that add detail to the models. Use magnetic pieces to build creative models, connect the Power Block to make them move and create dynamic Magformers models. While playing with the moving Power Block and the Reflective Block children learn about light reflection while developing their scientific, technological, engineering, creative and mathematical thinking.

Power requirements:

  • Battery Pack : 3 x AAA 1.5V (Not included)
  • LED Lighted Box : Rechargeable via USB Cable (Included)
  • Figure: 2 X LR41 1.5V (Included)
    «Magformers Steam Basic Set 200» contains 200 pcs:

    Triangle x 28 pcs.Isosceles Triangle x 8 pcs.Super Triangle x 4 pcs.
    Rectangular Isosceles Triangle x 4 pcs.Square x 30 pcs.New Super Square x 6 pcs.
    Rectangle x 6 pcs.Super Rectangle x 2 pcs.Mini Rectangle x 8 pcs.
    Diamond x 4 pcs.Trapezoid x 4 pcs.Pentagon x 2 pcs.
    Hexagon x 2 pcs.Sector x 8 pcs.Super Sector x 8 pcs.
    Mini Sector x 8 pcs.Arch x 4 pcs.Super Arch x 4 pcs.
    Half of Arch x 4 pcs.Cone x 4 pcs.Half of Circle x 8 pcs.
    Sphere x 8 pcs.Girl Square x 1 pcs.Boy Square x 1 pcs.
    Mirror Piece x 6 pcs.Wheel x 4 pcs.Led x 1 pcs.
    Led Sphere x 1 pcs.Power Sound Block x 1 pcs.90° Female Connector x 2 pcs.
    Auto Connector x 2 pcs.Battery Pack x 1 pcs.Blocks x 10 pcs.
    Engine Block x 1 pcs.Figure x 1 pcs.Mirror Card x 2 pcs.
    Space Back Pack x 1 pcs.Walking Block x 1 pcs.