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Accessory Pack Line
Accessory Pack Line

Cera Accessory Pack

ID: 798002

This Dino Cera Accessory Set comprises theclip-on 12 Monster pieces required to make a manga-style triceratops dinosaur using Magformers pieces from other sets. Please note: Magformers magnetic pieces are not included. Requires a minimum, squares (2) and rectangles (4) which can be purchased separately.A fabulous stocking-filler or present.* XL series pieces with grey coloured edges are not compatible with accessories.

«Cera Accessory Pack» contains 12 pcs
Cera HeadCera Head
1 pcs
Cera LegCera Leg
4 pcs
Cera TailCera Tail
1 pcs
Ball JointBall Joint
6 pcs