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Magformers Gear Pack 20P


Adding cogs and gears to any Magformers set is great fun for budding engineers and the STEM-loving child. This special accessory pack includes our favourite gears, along with a turning handle and circular, square and hexagonal mounting blocks. A lovely stocking-filler or present for a child who has existing Magformers sets. Please note: Magformers magnetic pieces are not included. * XL series pieces with grey coloured edges are not compatible with accessories.

«Magformers Gear Pack 20P» contains 20 pcs:

Big Gear ● Big Gear: 4 pcs.
Small Gear ● Small Gear: 4 pcs.
New Rotating Block ● New Rotating Block: 8 pcs.
Gear Handle ● Gear Handle: 1 pcs.
Hexagon Play Ground ● Hexagon Play Ground: 1 pcs.
Square Play Ground ● Square Play Ground: 2 pcs.