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Magformers Curve 20


The Curve 20 set features 20 pieces — made up of 4 squares, 4 cone parts, 4 cylinder parts (arches) and 8 circle parts (quadrants), to make a range of 'solid' 3D structures with curved edges and surfaces.

This is a set which can be used in small groups to explain the different properties of curved edge shapes in either 2D or 3D forms and to develop children's mathematical vocabulary.

Multiple sets can be combined to familiarise children with symmetry, turns, or to visually explain radius, diameter and circumference as well as circles and semi-circles, arcs and other terms.

Various 3D models can be made with this set such as open and closed cylinders, half cylinders, cones.

«Magformers Curve 20» contains 20 pcs:

Square ● Square: 4 pcs.
Sector ● Sector: 8 pcs.
Arch ● Arch: 4 pcs.
Cone ● Cone: 4 pcs.