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Magformers Math Activity Book

ID: 8001

A fantastic A3 sized book crammed with fun maths exercises suitable for all ages. There are over 40 pages of maths-related instructional diagrams and puzzles, covering a wide range of Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 topics. These include shape puzzles looking at the properties of shapes; making 2D layouts using different geometric shapes; number ordering; fractions and apportioning; pattern and symmetry; mirror images; looking at solid shapes and the relationship between 2D nets and 3D structures – and, of course, all the answers are in the back.

Originally intended to be used with a specific maths set, this book has been redesigned and many of the exercises can be used with any Magformers sets to start your children or school classes on their maths journeys – or to help with extended learning outside of the classroom. All the pages are wipe clean too!

  • A3 sized, laminated pages.
  • Over 50 pages of maths exercises for all ages.
  • Covers topics from simple shape sorting to 2D nets and 3D solids.
  • Lots of fun puzzles, with answers at the back.
  • Perfect for tables to share in the classroom, or for extended maths learning at home.
  • Foundation Stage and KS1 and KS2 topics covered.

Helps teachers and homeschoolers to deliver key areas of mathematics in an engaging way or introduce new topics in your class. Covers essential National Curriculum topics with fun puzzles and tasks such as:

  • Find hidden shapes in an illustration.
  • Find all the squares and triangles in a layout.
  • Fill a 2D picture with geometric shapes (cat, tree, fish, castle).
  • Patterns, tessellations, symmetry and mirror imaging.
  • Dividing larger shapes into smaller shapes.
  • Number ordering.
  • Making 2D nets and their corresponding 3D models.
  • Prisms.

All that’s needed are some Magformers to complete every exercise.