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XL Cruiser
XL Cruiser
Comes with silver border shapes which are specialized to make diverse vehicles with accessories.

Magformers XL Neon 14

ID: 706005

Use magnetic power to create your own amazing 3D models using lighter and larger Magformers XL pieces, with a combination of bright neon colours and a cool white design. For the slightly older child who loves design and fashion, this set looks every inch the cool designer toy.

The set includes 8 triangles and 6 squares, so you can make geometric 3D structures like a pyramid, cube…even a rocket or a ball. Magformers construction sets always contain various pieces in shapes like triangles, squares and rhomboids and encourage 3D Brain Training through fun and educational play. Super-strong neodymium magnets are safely sealed in the edge of every piece.

«Magformers XL Neon 14» contains 14 pcs
8 pcs
6 pcs