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Comes with basic shapes such as triangles, squares and pentagons to make many 3D figures.

Magformers Super 30

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Super Magformers Set is sensational. It allows children to design a great variety of structures from simple shapes to grand constructions such as the Eiffel Tower.

Super Magformers Set

  • Consists of 12 super triangles and 18 super squares
  • Each piece is 4 times larger than standard pieces so that makes it very attractive for kids who enjoy building super-size towers or spheres
  • A great useful supplement to any other construction set
  • Despite their size, the pieces are still compatible with all other Magfomers sets and allow a great range of creative combinations
  • Includes a Model Booklet for design ideas
«Magformers Super 30» contains 30 pcs
Super TriangleSuper Triangle
12 pcs
Super SquareSuper Square
18 pcs