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Comes with special accessories designed with different concepts so children can make diverse structures.

Magformers Designer Set

ID: 63081/703002

Magformers Designer Set is great addition to your Magformers collection. The Designer Set is perfect for all young engineers and potential designers. There is a total of 62 pieces and you will find some special shapes also included in this set: isosceles triangles, diamonds and even trapezoids. With these shapes it is possible to construct many exciting structures including interesting animals, motor bikes and even helicopters. The ideas booklet acts as a guide, but the beauty of this set is that the young designers use their creativity to construct their own structures.

  • 62 amazing details - enough to create all sorts of structures, from buildings to aeroplanes.
  • Interchangeable elements (2 triangles for a diamond, 3 diamonds for a hexagon) teach kids about modeling and geometry.
  • Great for experienced Magformers players as well as for beginners!
  • Powerful neodymium magnets rotate within the durable plastic encapsulation - the pieces always attract.
  • Fully compatible with all other Magformers sets.
  • Includes a Model Booklet to guide your children through sample shapes and structures.
  • Contributes to Skills and Brain development