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Comes with basic pieces and diverse educational content such as a big play book.

Magformers Basic KS1/KS2 Classroom Pack

ID: 840001

This 228-piece Magformers magnetic construction set is designed for full class lessons when exploring and explaining straight-edged shapes, 2D nets and their corresponding 3D solid structures.

The shapes are also used to teach symmetry, tessellation, patterns, division and other principles in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two environments.

The set contains 60 triangles, 48 squares, 24 isosceles triangles, 24 right-angled triangles, 12 trapezoids, 12 diamonds, 24 hexagons, 24 pentagons and includes a handy storage container.

Numerous nets and solids which can be made from this set include: tetrahedrons, cuboids, prims, antiprisms, polyhedra, dodecahedrons, Platonic Solids, Archimedean Solids.

The large number of pieces also make it ideal for illustrating and explaining mathematical terms like faces, edges, vertices, angles, regular and semi-regular solids, truncating, polygons, polygrams, It comes with a storage container so pueces can be quickly and easily packed away at the end of a lesson.