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Magformers 31-piece Construction Set

Temporarily sold out

This limited edition 31-piece Magformers Cruiser set is a super-creative, educational construction toy for kids who love diggers, dump trucks and all things building-related.

Using our unique magnetic pieces, children can build 3D building site vehicles and structures using different-coloured shapesand two pairs of wheels.

The pieces in this set are made in typicalbright yellow and orange constructioncolours that kids always enjoy and there are four different shapes (squares, triangles, trapezoids and a rectangle). Children can build anything – from buildings to vehicles. Suitable for ages 3. A fold-out model instructional guide is printed on the inside of the packaging.

«Magformers 31-piece Construction Set» contains 31 pcs:

Triangle ● Triangle: 8 pcs.
Square ● Square: 18 pcs.
Rectangle ● Rectangle: 1 pcs.
Trapezoid ● Trapezoid: 2 pcs.
Wheel ● Wheel: 2 pcs.