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Comes with basic magnetic pieces and diverse accessories that lead children to a world of limitless creative construction.

Magformers Smart Set 144

ID: 710001

The possibilities with Magformers Smart Set are almost limitless. This set would make a wonderful gift for any child. All pieces are fully compatible with all other Magformers sets.

Magformers Smart Set

  • Contains amazing 144 pieces.
  • Includes standard basic shapes such as squares and triangles but also includes pentagons, supper squares and wheels sets.Super-sized shapes really make a difference by adding scale to your projects.
  • Contains structures such as spheres, tower, houses and animals such as dogs and horses. Or a saxophone!
  • Includes a Model Booklet to suggest construction ideas
  • Also includes inserts for the square pieces. These can be used simply for decoration or to help kids acquire basic numeracy skills. They can even make a dice
  • The most popular accessory – wheels – included.