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Amazing Transform Wheel Set 17

ID: 707019

Build and transform with this new vehicle set from Magformers featuring special adjustable in-line wheels. Kids can make cars, bikes, SUVs and trucks - or 'fold' the new in-line wheel piece to make robot arms. The wheel position can also be altered, depending on the vehicle being built - to suit a buggy, low-profile racer or monster truck.

This creative magnetic construction set comes with 15 magnetic Magformers shapes and the construction possibilities areendless. Loads of different vehicles can be made, plus children can make 2D and 3D geometric structures too, learning as they play.

With playsheet guides, it’s a genuine educational toy too, teaching 2D and 3D geometry.

  • Contains 8 magnetic triangles, 6 magnetic squares, 1 magnetic rectangle (double square).
  • Includes double wheels and transforming (folding) wheels.
  • Model building guide and 2D playsheet guides included.
  • Makes 30 different models.
    «Amazing Transform Wheel Set 17» contains 17 pcs
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    6 pcs
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    Control wheelControl wheel
    1 pcs
    Transform wheelTransform wheel
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