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My First
My First

Animal Jumble Set 60

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The adorable Magformers My First Animal Jumble 60-piece set offers three different ways for younger children to make models as they develop – progressing from simple 2D shape-making, to stacking and then mastering more advanced 3D model-making.

Body part pieces have soft, curved lines and neutral colours and their design is characterized by oversized heads and tiny eyes – the epitome of kawaii ‘cute’ culture. These clip into magnetic Magformers shapes to complete 2D and 3D animal models. And all the different animal characters that can be made have typically cute names like ‘Trunky’ (the elephant), ‘Lofty’ (the giraffe) and ‘MooMoo' (the cow).

The Magformers Animal Jumble set is designed to grow with the child. The youngest little ones can start to make flat 2D models simply by laying out the combination of magnetic Magformers pieces and sweet, non-magnetic accessories.

As their fine motor skills develop, they can progress to stacking the magnetic Magformers squares to create solid bodies, while clipping on the heads, faces and body parts to complete their models.

Then as their confidence and ability grows, they progress into making more advanced 3D animals by using more of the magnetic pieces like triangles, pentagons and hexagons, learning as they play.

  • Makes these animals: Monkey, cow, bird, kitten, elephant, dog, rabbit, lion, frog, koala, deer, caterpillar, giraffe and more.
  • Contains 8 magnetic triangles, 27 magnetic squares, 2 pentagons, 2 hexagons, 2 isosceles triangles, 2 trapezoids and 16 clip-in accessory pieces.
  • Suitable from 18 months.
  • STEM approved and offers three different ways to build – 2D, stacking and 3D.
  • Magformers pieces contain rotating magnets sealed in every edge, so they always connect.
  • Compatible with all other Magformers sets.