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Magformers 62 and House Lamp Bundle

ID: 701007A
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This is an exclusive combination set deal only available from Magformers directly. The MagformersЦ Piece Set contains the most popular magnetic Magformers pieces – squares, triangles and pentagons.

The special House Lamp Pack comprises 15 house accessory pieces and is the perfect addition to any Magformers set. It allows children to add fabulous real-life features to any buildings they make and includes a special flashing lamplight and roof tile pieces, balconies, window panes and entrance tiles. Bring them together and children can make lots of different buildings and bring them to life using the house accessory pieces. If you have a child who collects mini-figures like Lol Dolls, Shopkins, Zelfs, Num-Noms and other collectibles, then these two Magformers sets combined make excellent houses and homes for the figures to play in.

  • Includes 30 squares, 20 triangles and 12 pentagons in a wide range of colours. Includes: 2 balconies, 6 wall/roof tiles, 1 light, 6 windows.
  • Reinforces creative and problem-solving skill and stimulates brain development.
  • Magformers 62 Set is a winner of a prestigious Practical Pre-School Award: Gold in the Toys and Games 3-5 category.