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Stick-O City Set 16-Piece


This supercool vehicle-themed Stick-O City Set contains 16 pieces – five different magnetic Stick-O shapes, plus add-on wings, accessories and wheels – so children can make cars and airplanes, complete with pull-back-and-go propulsion. Stick-O is the new pre-school magnetic construction toy from the makers of Magformers. Chunky magnetic sticks, balls and other solid ‘sticky’ shapes are very easy for little hands to hold and encourage younger children to develop their motor skills through fun construction play. Just like Magformers, the magnets safely sealed in every piece rotate, so poles always connect, making model-building frustration-free for toddlers and preschoolers. Stick-O is fun, educational and encourages creative role-play.

Set features:

«Stick-O City Set 16-Piece» contains 15 pcs:

Ball ● Ball: 1 pcs.
Big wing ● Big wing: 1 pcs.
Black cab ● Black cab: 1 pcs.
Clip-on wings ● Clip-on wings: 2 pcs.
End cap ● End cap: 1 pcs.
Long rod ● Long rod: 1 pcs.
Plane cabin ● Plane cabin: 1 pcs.
Propeller ● Propeller: 1 pcs.
Short rod ● Short rod: 2 pcs.
Slide-on wheels ● Slide-on wheels: 1 pcs.
Small wheels ● Small wheels: 3 pcs.