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Stick-O Cooking Set 16-Piece


This Stick-O Cooking Set contains chunky magnetic pieces in a baking and cooking theme. With 16 different shapes, young children can play at making food and using cooking utensils from a frying pan to a fork. There’s even a magnetic eggshell (which doubles as cream) and a donut! The easy to hold pieces encourage younger children aged from 18 months to develop their motor skills through fun play with a magnetic construction toy. As with Magformers, the magnets safely sealed in every piece rotate, so poles always connect, making model-building frustration-free for little hands. Stick-O is fun, educational and creative .

Set features:

«Stick-O Cooking Set 16-Piece» contains 16 pcs:

Ball ● Ball: 2 pcs.
Cone ● Cone: 1 pcs.
Curved rod ● Curved rod: 1 pcs.
Donut ● Donut: 1 pcs.
Eggshell ● Eggshell: 2 pcs.
Fork fins ● Fork fins: 1 pcs.
Hemisphere ● Hemisphere: 1 pcs.
Oval ● Oval: 1 pcs.
Pan ● Pan: 1 pcs.
Pot ● Pot: 1 pcs.
Short rod ● Short rod: 2 pcs.
Tail knife ● Tail knife: 2 pcs.