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Magformers 26pc set + Transform

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This exclusive Magformers 26-piece Set and Transform Pack accessories bundle is a great introduction to the award-winning world of Magformers. Designed for exploring children’s creative thinking and the development of fine motor skills, the 26-piece set contains 18 magnetic Magformers squares (approx. 2.5cm wide) and 8 triangles. It makes numerous 2D flat ‘nets’ and their corresponding 3D solid shapes. All the fun ways to build in 3D with Magformers can be used – including pulling up shapes from 2D to 3D, stacking, making walls and combining different elements.

Then, to bring even more creativity, we’ve added the 8-piece Transform Accessory pack. This includes an adjustable propeller, satellite dish/receiver, two rayguns and four special inserts so the accessories will fit any model made using Magformers squares.

  • The magnets sealed in every edge of each Magformers piece rotate, so pieces always connect when brought together.
  • Magformers has a 100% global safety record.
  • Contains an Idea Book and 26 magnetic pieces, plus 8 extra accessories.
  • Ages 3+.