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Magformers 14pc Set + House

ID: 701003B
£39.99 £19.99

This exclusive 34-piece mash-up bundle includes the Magformers Basic 14-piece set PLUS the lovely House Tree Pack of accessories.

With six magnetic Magformers squares and eight magnetic triangles, the Basic 14 set is a brilliant starter set, or makes a fab addition to any child’s existing Magformers collection (you can never have enough pieces, right?).

The combinations of a few squares and triangles mean you can make simple geometric 2D and 3D shapes including a cube and tetrahedron. Bring those two shapes together and you have a ’house’ – the perfect little home for collectable characters like Shopkins and Num-Noms.

But the extra 20-piece House Tree Pack really brings your little buildings to life. You can clip in roof or wall tiles, windows - and there’s even two trees to make an outdoor play area. It’s a wonderful added extra.

squares x 6, triangles x 8, brick x 10, arch window x 4, grid window x 4, tree x 2