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A set for constructing a variety of buildings with the use of house accessories, including bricks, windows and stairs.

Magformers Mart Set 22pc

ID: 717007

Build your very own High Street with the new Magformers Town series – there are five sets to collect – including this amazing Magformers Minimart.

In this super 22-piece magnetic construction toy set you’ll find 14 Magformers magnetic shapes, seven supermarket-styled accessory pieces plus a shopkeeper.

It makes a number of different shop layouts, depending on how you use the pieces.

The Town Series collection consists of five themed sets that can be enjoyed individually or combined to make a Magformers shopping mall, complete with a battery-powered bus and road system to ferry shoppers around town.

Collect the other sets to complete your shopping play world – an ice cream cafe, bank and hospital – each one complete with its own special play character, themed accessories and Magformers magnetic construction pieces.

Plus, there’s the Magformers City Bus set, a cute motorised bus that travels along a layout of 11 grooved road pieces and always stays on its course thanks to a clever on/off interlocking mechanism.