Magformers | Sticko | Stick-O Pre-school 56 Set

Stick-O Pre-school 56 Set

ID: 903002

The Stick-O Preschool 56 set comes in a stackable, 12L storage box and features 56 of the most popular Stick-O chunky magnetic sticks, balls, shapes and accessories.

It is designed to offer nurseries, pre-schools, childminders and children’s centres a safe ‘tip-out-and-play’ option for groups of young children aged from 18 months old.

But the addition of the colourful Shapes And Numbers Learning Book extends creative play into educational play and encourages older pre-school children to develop their Early Years maths language while using Stick-O shapes to make numbers from 1-10 and six common polygons.

This A4 wirobound flip-book enables teachers to demonstrate the properties of numbers and shapes and show children how to make them in planar form using Stick-O pieces.

Two new magnetic rattle pieces (a ball and D-shape) add audio sensory play to the fun of construction, while the 56 pieces supplied includes 13 Stick-O short rods, 2 long rods, 4 curved rods, 10 balls, 6 connecting discs, 2 hemispheres, 1 half eggshells, large and small cones and fun accessories like feet, ears and shoes.

Stick-O pieces feature the supersafe Rotating Magnets System (RMS) pioneered by Magformers, where small but powerful neodymium disc magnets are safely sealed inside the main pieces. Because these magnets rotate internally, they always connect when two pieces are brought together, making construction play frustration free for little hands.

Note: This set now comes in a sturdy, clear 12L Really Useful Box with handles.

  • Tested and certified for 18months + children.
  • Supports EYFS and KS1 maths learning.
  • Enjoy audio stimulation play with the new rattling ball and D-shaker pieces, ideal for younger children to join in the fun.
  • Contains 56 pieces, Shapes And Numbers Learning Book, Model Building Booklet and 12L Really Useful Box.