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Comes with basic shapes such as triangles, squares and pentagons to make many 3D figures.

Magformers 62

ID: 701007

The set offers a huge range of construction possibilities. Once the construction concepts have been understood, kids will invent and design their own structures.

The set is suitable for children of all ages. Younger children can create patterns on the floor or on the fridge door while older kids can build more complex structures such as towers and castles.

Magformers 62

  • Includes 30 squares, 20 triangles and 12 pentagons
  • Includes a wide range of colours
  • Includes a Model Booklet which helps your children build a lot of shapes and construction ideas
  • Reinforces creative and problem-solving skill and stimulates brain development

In 2015 Magformers 62 set won a prestigious Practical Pre-School Award: Gold in the Toys and Games 3-5 category.

The Practical Pre-School Awards have been running for many years and have a strong reputation within the childcare and education sectors as reliable, informative and trustworthy. All entries are tested by childcare professionals and the children they work with.

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