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XL Cruiser
XL Cruiser
Comes with silver border shapes which are specialized to make diverse vehicles with accessories.

Magformers XL Cruiser Car set 32

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The XL cruisers set contains 32 pieces; triangles, squares and hexagons, but what makes these shapes great is the special silver coating around all the edges of each shape. The shapes are however still compatible with standard Magformers shapes and sets. There are also two wheel pieces, which then allow the kids to construct a huge variety of vehicles cars and trains. The idea booklet is useful for many ideas but of course the kids can construct and drive their own exciting cars.

  • Comes in bright yellow and blue colours with silver border shapes.
  • 32 pieces, fully compatible with other Magformers sets.
  • Included wheels – great for modeling vehicles.
  • 3D modeling stimulates imagination and brain development.
  • Includes a Model Booklet to suggest shapes and some construction ideas.
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