Magformers 90-Piece Set In A Box

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Magformers 90-Piece Set In A Storage Box

This is a simple but effective maths-in-a-box set and the Magformers Basic 90 pack takes some beating.

It contains all the elements of the best-selling Basic 40 and curved sets, with some extra shapes thrown in too - consisting of 12 triangles, 20 squares, 6 isosceles triangles, 2 hexagons, 2 pentagons, 4 rectangles, 4 diamonds, 4 trapezoids, 4 triple rectangles, 4 cones, 4 cylinders (arches), 8 spheres, 8 quadrants, 8 sectors.

Children can make huge numbers of 2D nets and 3D solid structures, while exploring lots of different shape properties and developing mathematical language as they play.

And with a stackable storage container making it super easy to clear away and store your Magformers, it's a perfect classroom solution.