Magformers My Farmland Set

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The Magformers My Farm Land set is a 48-piece construction toy with new shapes including clip-on leaves and colourful magnetic pieces to help make carrots, strawberries and other fruit and veg.

This special farm-themed set also has two play characters and window pieces to make different houses for them to live and work in, like a windmill, grain store and barn.

In all there are 29 magnetic Magformers pieces in 8 different shapes, including window circles, and these all encourage creative play, roleplay and 3D thinking.

A booklet suggests some models to build like a mouse, rooster, tractor, watering can, plough and plane, but children can always get creative and make up their own structures and models in ‘free play’.

Magformers magnetic shapes always securely attach. Pieces are made from a specially-toughened ABS plastic and small neodymium magnets are safely sealed in the edges of each piece. Because these rotate due to the Magformers Rotating Magnets System (RMS), they always connect and never repel when two pieces are brought together.

This unique feature makes Magformers educational, creative and frustration free – especially for younger children. And smashing models apart and rebuilding them is always part of the fun of our toys.

  • 48-piece Magformers set in a farming theme.
  • Makes animals, fruit and veg and farm buildings and machinery.
  • Includes play characters.
  • 8 different magnetic shapes – squares, triangles, window circles, isosceles triangles, arch, half-arch, sectors, window square.
  • New accessories: leaves, character, birdie, rock, tower, jewel insert.