Stick-O Baby Shark Friends

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Make Sharks, Fishes & Friends

Make Baby Shark, Mummy Shark and Daddy Shark characters – as well as whole load of other fishy friends - using Stick-O giant magnetic sticks and balls.

This 30-piece Stick-O set contains yellow, pink and blue spheres with shark faces printed on, which turn into the loveable characters from the Pinkfong Baby Shark phenomenon when you add the colour co-ordinating ‘fins’ and ‘tails’.

As well as the three main members of the shark family, your child can also make a whole host of other 3D sea-themed characters and models including Vola the octopus and Goldie the fish.

When it comes to magnetic pieces, there are 5 balls, 4 tails and 4 fins, plus 2 Stick-O straight rods, 2 curved rods, 1 giant rod, 2 ears pieces, 2 feet pieces, 2 discs to stick spheres together, 1 cone, 1 hemisphere. Additional accessories include a clip-on winch/fishing reel, pot, end cap and flower/fringe piece.

There is almost an unending number of sea creatures, characters and models that young children can make with this beautiful Baby Shary building toy.

Stick-O pieces feature the supersafe Rotating Magnets System (RMS) pioneered by Magformers, where small but powerful neodymium disc magnets are safely sealed inside the main pieces. Because these magnets rotate internally, they always connect when two pieces are brought together, making construction play frustration free for little hands.

Certain pieces feature ‘grippy grooves’ which help younger children to hold them, while the metal balls are oversized and safe.