Stick-O POP Friends Maker & Shaker Set

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Cute and simple, this pint-sized 10-piece set is the perfect introduction to the fun, magnetic play world of Stick-O for younger children. Two new rattle pieces (a ball and D-shape both containing tiny beads) add audio sensory play to the fun of magnetic construction, where there are 8 other magnetic shapes.

With this set, very young children can make a simple rattle using just two pieces, while more advanced toddlers can make supercute little creatures and characters complete with a smiley face and rattling body by using the D and other parts.  

Stick-O pieces feature the supersafe Rotating Magnets System (RMS) pioneered by Magformers, where small but powerful neodymium disc magnets are safely sealed inside the main pieces. Because these magnets rotate internally, they always connect when two pieces are brought together, making construction play frustration free for little hands.

- Tested and certified for 18months + children.

- Enjoy audio stimulation play with the new rattling ball and D-shaker pieces, ideal for younger children to join in the fun.

- 10 pieces includes two classic ‘grippy groove’ rods.

- Makes a great add-on stocking filler to any existing Stick-O collection. All sets are fully compatible.