Magformers Creative 90-Piece Set

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Magformers Creative 90

Our Magformers Creative set is great fun for creative minds and offers a wealth of pieces for the ultimate in magnetic STEM play. It contains a whopping 90 pieces in 13 different classic Magformers magnetic shapes – making it one of the most versatile ‘no frills’ sets we’ve ever produced.

If your child is into pure Magformers play (and plenty are, especially maths-lovers) then this is the set to get. It is amazing on its own for making all manner of 2D nets and 3D maths models and helps teach maths in a fun way at home, in the classroom or nursery.

And it’s also fantastic supplementary set for any child with an existing Magformers collection – especially those with wheels – as this unbeatable combination of pieces means all kinds of sensational vehicles could be made.

  • Is fully compatible with other sets.
  • Consists of 13 different geometric shapes, including squares, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, diamonds, trapezoids, cones, super-arches, sectors, rectangles (double squares), spheres.
  • Includes a colourful themed Model Booklet.
  • Suggests ideas on how to design structures such as aeroplanes, bikes, castles and various animals.
  • Makes mathematical 2D nets and corresponding 3D structures.
  • Strong magnets are safely sealed inside the edges of every piece. Unlike copies, Magformers are strength tested beyond the requirements for EN71 and CE certification.
  • Only Magformers goes the extra mile to ensure your child's safety when compared to copycat products found on online marketplaces. We are fully tested to exceed all international toy safety standards - copycat products cannot guarantee this. Magformers does!