Magformers EYFS Nursery Set

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This is the ideal larger-scale starter set for EYFS children, primarily in nursery and reception years. It contains 48 magnetic squares and 48 magnetic triangles in solid (opaque), bright crayon colours. 

The set is simple to use and is designed for teaching shape and colour recognition and introducing early maths to pre-schoolers in a fun way, as they play.

With the pieces contained, children can make numerous simple 3D structures like pyramids and cubes. Childminders and teachers of younger children can also use the set to explore 2D shapes, expand them and explain the concepts of 'smaller' and 'larger', investigate symmetry and introduce and develop mathematical language in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Magformers help improve reasoning skills through the process of assembling ‘flat’ 2D planar (also known as ‘nets’) and then instantly transforming those ‘nets’ into 3D shapes. Sets also improve fine motor skills through combining magnetic construction pieces by hand. 

  •  A fast and clean way to make cubes and pyramids. Mo paper. No glue. No mess.
  • Easy to pack away and use over and over.
  • Teach simple 2D and 3D shape recognition, shape properties and colours.