Magformers 26-piece STEM Set

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Magformers Basic 26-piece Magnetic Set

With 26 pieces (8 triangles and 18 squares) this is a perfect basic set to get started with Magformers or to supplement any other Magformers sets. It is great fun and is loved by children of all ages.

Magformers is recognised globally as a leader in STEM toys and educational products, with learning and 3D brain development through play at its core.

Toughened ABS plastic geometric shapes like triangles, squares and rhomboids connect quickly and simply using the power of the built-in and very safe neodymium magnets. In each Magformers piece, the magnets are safely contained within all the edge surfaces. But because every magnet can rotate 360 degrees, pieces always connect when they are brought together.

  • Includes model booklet
  • 26 pieces