Tileblox 104-Piece Set

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This is the largest Tileblox magnetic tiles set there is, with a whopping 104-pieces.

It contains 24 equilateral triangles, 44 squares, 4 trapezoids, 8 rectangles, 12 right-angle triangles and 12 isosceles triangles making it perfect for the architects of the future!

Tileblox is a wonderful, creative magnetic construction toy featuring semi-transparent coloured magnetic tiles. Ferrite magnets are fixed in the edges of every piece, so children can build models in 2D and 3D.

Playing with Tileblox is super fun, but also helps children to understand spatial awareness and stimulates their senses by allowing light to shine through the pieces and project colours on to surfaces. With Tileblox, young children can make 2D shapes such as triangles, diamonds, hexagons and trapezoids as well as more complex 3D geometric shapes like cubes, tetrahedrons, octahedrons, pyramids and prisms.

And as they play and build, they are learning the relationships between different shapes, the properties of shapes, exploring patterns and using and developing their mathematical language.

  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • This set contains 104 magnetic TILEBLOX magnetic tiles.
  • Used in schools as a STEM teaching resource for maths and geometry lessons.
  • Non-toxic and safe plastic design. Safety certificates available on request from an approved UK distributor.
  • When the light passes through the semi-transparent tiles it generates vivid colours that add even more fun to playing.
  • Through play, children have fun and at the same time benefit from improved spatial awareness, logical reasoning and mathematical thinking.
  • TILEBLOX deliver compelling creative and educational STEM benefits over conventional stacking building blocks - so unlock your child's creative potential today.
  • Can be combined with most other magnetic construction tiles toys.
  • A fantastic travel toy to alleviate boredom on long car or plane journeys.
  • The perfect birthday or Christmas gift for any child aged 3-12, loved by boys and girls.