Tileblox 20-Piece Set

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Tileblox - a creative magnetic construction toy with semi-transparent magnetic blocks. 

Ferrite magnets are fixed in the edges of every piece, so children can build models in 2D and 3D with this 20-piece set containing 12 squares and 8 triangles. Playing with Tileblox is always great fun, but also helps to understand spatial awareness and stimulates children's senses by allowing light to shine through the pieces and project colours on to surfaces.

When playing with Tileblox, children can make flat 2D shapes as well as more complex 3D geometric shapes like cubes, tetrahedrons, octahedrons, pyramids and prisms. And as they play and build they are learning the relationships between different shapes, the properties of shapes, exploring patterns and using and developing mathematical language in their early years.

  • 20-piece set with semi-transparent shapes in six different colours.
  • Manufactured to the rigorous quality standards of the UK, USA and EU.
  • STEM toy with eight triangles and 12 squares.
  • Robust construction with ferrite magnets in every edge.
  • Designed to be creative and fun and lets light shine through each piece.
  • Unlike Magformers, magnets are ferrite (not neodymium) and do not rotate.